In 1981, MID Labs was founded by Dr. Carl Wang. Dr. Wang has been associated with vitreoretinal surgery from its infancy. In 1975, his Ocutome® 800 became the first complete system for posterior vitrectomy.

In 1982 the MicroVit® introduced venturi aspiration to vitreoretinal surgery and the MicroVit® probe provided the first disposable high-quality vitreous cutter. A year later, the MVS® became the first microprocessor-based vitreoretinal surgical system.

In 1985, MID Labs sold all ophthalmic assets to Alcon.

In 1991, after seven years as a Vice President for Alcon, Dr. Wang decided to leave and re-start MID Labs.

In 1994, MID Labs introduced the SupraVit® VitreoRetinal Surgical System, with a revolutionary aspiration system.

In 1997, MID Labs introduced the Extended Use Vitreous Cutter to meet the demands of international customers.

In 2000 MID Labs introduced the Vit Enhancer™ High Speed Vitreous Cutting System creating an evolutionary leap for vitrectomy.

In 2003, the AVE ® (Adaptable Vit Enhancer), made available 2500 cut per minute vitreous cutting for all Ophthalmic Surgical Systems, making economical high speed vitreous cutting available to everyone.

In 2005, MID Labs introduced a non-system exclusive 25 gauge VitreoRetinal product line of vitrectors and second-generation trocar/cannula system, making this innovation in ophthalmic surgery available to all.

For 2007 MID Labs is introducing a full line of high performance 23 gauge Vitreous Cutters along with a 23 gauge Cannula Insertion System that brings an innovative `different approach' to sutureless transconjunctival surgery.

MID Labs continues to innovate with its own product line and is a supplier to major ophthalmic system manufacturers in Europe, Japan, China and the U.S.